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"You were my first love"

"I wanted to have a ‘first love’ but it seems like it was you all along. We rode bicycles together, we fed each other, we watched stars, we stayed up all night; those things we’ve done, were my first.I don’t like guys, but I realize now that you were my first love " -My Friend is Still Alive

seventeen of ? chapters of blondkai dedicated panegyric.

I've lost a friend

this fucking video! you guys have to see “my friend is still alive” fucking broke my heart man. it’s about this boy who is dying. and before he dies he wants to fall in love, have his first kiss etc. but in the end he realized he did all of those amazing things with his best friend. he learned that friendship is love too. and he could die happy and ::gross sobbing::

I’m gonna love you until you hate me


Jealous Yonghwa on WGM requested by anon

3/50 gifs of CNBLUE. 
3/50 gifs of CNBLUE.